Plastic pallet

Product Features:

  • Use High Density Polyethylene(called HEPD for short)as raw material;
    Can be divided into single-side and double-side plastic pallet.
  • Hard, cold & heat resistant, acid &alkali resistant, high chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Single-side plastic pallet has only one side, the surface is mesh or flat type, the bottom including H,T and J type.
  • Double-side plastic pallet has two same sides, surface can be mesh or flat type.
  • There are static load, dynamic load and load on pallet racking.
    • a. Static load is the maximum load of the bottom pallet when they are stacked into multi layers;
    • b. Dynamic load is the maximum load of the pallet when it is carried by hydraulic pallet truck or forklift ;
    • c. Load on pallet racking is the maximum load of the pallet when it is placed on the racking.
  • Plastic pallet can be stacked one by one or placed on pallet racking.
  • According to different need, we could select different type, different load capacity.

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