Gravity roller racking

Product Features:

  • Combining the advantages of flow rack and pallet rack, Sunny rack gravity roller racking offers the maximum picking efficiency, working on a FIFO basis, packaged goods can be transferred to picking places continuously through replenishment aisle due to gravity action.
  • The adjustable rollers of our gravity roller racking facilitate the transfer of goods, thus providing the maximum space for goods storage.
  • The length of each unit can be adjusted to fit to the volume of goods. Loading plates can be placed at replenishment position for easy classification. Braking roller system can be installed to our gravity roller racking to reduce the delivery speed of delicate goods.

Technical Description:

  • Regarding the gravity pallet racking, by using roller rail system or pallet with roller and under the influence of gravity, “first in and first out” of goods is achieved.
  • It is especially suit for the goods which short quality guarantee period and can’t be pressed for long time.
  • In order to get the goods move freely, the racking should be equipped with brake if the slope is long. In order not to make the goods turn over when reaching to the bottom under great dash, the lower end of the slope should be equipped with separators and buffer.
  • The loading capacity is less than 1500kg per pallet.

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