Carton flow racking

Product Features:

  • Carton flow racking is originated from medium duty shelving, between front and back beams, there are aluminum alloy or metal rolls, they should be placed at an incline of about 3°, the goods will be first-in first-out because of gravity.
  • The wheels of rolls are made of high quality thermos plasticity plastic, the friction coefficient is small, has great shock resistance capability, stable and breakage-proof. It has good acid resistance, non-hygroscopic, the bearing of rolls is made of stainless steel, and the loading capacity can reach 6kg per bearing.
  • It is easily for store and draw goods, and suitable for the two sides of assembling lines, in order to change the working procedures, as well as distribution centers & picking up works sites, it can use electric labels, in order to achieve information-based management.
  • Specification: height is lessen than 2500mm, length is less than 2000mm, three-upright frame width is less than 1800mm, four-upright frame width is less than 2800mm, the loading capacity for one unit racking is normally smaller than 1000kg per level.

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