Double deep pallet racking

Product Features:

  • Double deep pallet racking is an improvement of standard selective pallet racking.
  • Double Deep Racking stores two pallets deep, or four pallets deep in a double entry rack.
  • The number of aisles reduced to achieve higher storage efficiency.
  • The system requires the use of a special reach forklift with either dual pantograph or slide fork attachments. Forklift heights are limited by load to about 10 meters.
  • Modified reach forklift with the ability to stack two pallets deep operating in almost conventional reach forklift aisles.
  • Upper levels can be fitted with guide rails to assist forklift drivers in locating pallets; they also help reduce fork truck operator error and accidental impact damage.
  • This system is best used when each stock keeping unit has several pallets. 50% immediate pallet access provides reasonable stock rotation on a FILO basis and makes good use of all available locations.

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