Steel platform

Product Features:

  • Steel platform is full combined steel structure, floor can be flat plate or checkered plate.
  • The lock equipment is put between the floor plates to fix them.
  • Floors are smooth, integral, with strong and uniform load capacity.
  • Elevators and staircase will be equipped.
  • The construction could be designed freely according to the actual space and requirements, one, two, three or four floors are available.
  • With simple structures, brilliant and modern appearance, Steel Platform is widely used in the field of automobile, electron, mechanism and etc.

Technical Description:

  • Steel platform is mainly consisted of uprights, main beams, accessorial beams, steel floors, stairs and guardrails. It is assembled in a whole structure, no need to weld at the scene.
  • The uprights are made of square tubes, round tubes, the main and accessorial beams are made of hot rolling steel and cold-bending H-type or I-type steel.
  • The distance between two uprights is 4-6m, the height of the first floor is around 3m, for the second and third floor, the height is around 2.5m.
  • The loading capacity of the floors is usually 300kg-1000kg per square meters.

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